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I am a Central Pennsylvania native. I have been a professional Photojournalist for over 35 years. I work as a Photo adviser for the Daily Collegian at Penn State and I am a freelance Photojournalist, under contract with Reuters. I am, basically, a hired gun. Pay me, I'll work for you. Oh yeah, I am also an artist. I travel and sell my work everywhere East of the Mississippi. I call State College, PA home, but I live in a small town, with my wife Mindy, called Philipsburg, PA. After years behind the camera observing life, I have discovered I have something to say. This all came about when all the news broke around Penn State. I have been engulfed in all of it and I have a lot to say. This is my home and it just struck a cord that I couldn't silence.

Emotional downpour………….

Dear photographers and friends , I just completed shooting what may be some of the best work of my life and none of you may see it. In fact, I have not looked at it. The story I am about … Continue reading

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Ode to the old house….

Our house belongs to someone else today. We sold her and are moving on to a smaller one ¬†up the road. Downsizing. Yep, we finally reached the age where a four bedroom house is just too big for two people. … Continue reading

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One year later….

One year ago today our town and University changed. It wasn’t a small change it was a nuclear bomb of a change. On this night Joe Paterno was fired and thus started a chain of events than even our best … Continue reading

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Victory number one…..

This is college football. It does’t matter if it was Penn State or not. This game had everything that is good about college football. It made you feel good. A beautiful early Fall Saturday in central PA is like nothing … Continue reading

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Trustees fall flat on their faces…..again

Why is it so difficult for the Penn State board of Trustees to get it? The way they talk to us is baffling. Do they really think they have this superior knowledge? It just feels like they talk down to … Continue reading

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Me and Neil Armstrong

On Oct. 23, 1999 I was shooting a away Penn State Football game versus Purdue. After I got there I heard that 17 former astronauts were going to be there during half time. For a baby boomer this was a … Continue reading

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NCAA 2, Penn State 0 Character builds teams.

If you’re keeping score it’s NCAA 2 Penn State 0. Another loss caused direcly by the sanctions. Would Penn State have lost either of these games with the players that were on the roster at the Blue/White game? Nope, I … Continue reading

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Here we go…..

Well, it was a beautiful day, but hot. Sun shinning, lots of smiling fans and optimism you could feel. However, we were soon slapped with a dose of reality. We all hoped this team was going to be be able … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Board of Trustees….

A few thoughts about the Board of Trustees. They fired Joe Paterno by sending him a note. Nothing on the note, just a phone number. He called it, they fired him. After over 60 years of service and millions of … Continue reading

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Black Shoes, White Sox…….

This image was shot on Sept.28, 2002. I have been working with a movie producer and he wanted to see some of my images from the last 8 months and older images of Joe. So, I began looking back and … Continue reading

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