Trustees fall flat on their faces…..again

Why is it so difficult for the Penn State board of Trustees to get it? The way they talk to us is baffling. Do they really think they have this superior knowledge? It just feels like they talk down to us. It’s like we don’t know anything, and they know what is best. If we, as alumni, have any power at all we should fire them all. What they have done to this University, Joe Paterno and the reputation of Penn State is unconscionable. You’re fired. Why can’t we do that? The latest meeting is another round of unbelievable drivel they have spewed on us.

Franco Harris is denied 3 minutes to speak at the meeting because he didn’t follow the rules. He didn’t sign up in advance. I get it rules are rules, but my God he bleed for this University and made them millions of dollars. You can’t give him 3 minutes of your time? Oh that’s right, this is the same board that fires a 61 year employee over the phone. Silly me. And, and they decide to table the decision about renaming the Gary Schultz Child Care facility until after his trial. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had given JoePA the same curtesy? You’re too damn late. You’re fired. They got one thing right, it’s too late to apologize to the Paterno family. That window closed a long time ago. It would be hollow and disingenuous now. Don’t bother, we know how you really feel. Here’s a cell phone number, call someone who cares.

Now they are back peddling. They say they didn’t accept the all of the Freeh report, they accepted the recommendations of the Freeh report. Really? Do you think we believe that? How stupid do you think we are? Never mind, see paragraph one. You forgot to mention that you didn’t read the report before you accepted the findings. Their rush to judgement put us squarely in this mess. This board is too big, and so full of themselves. They can’t govern anymore. They failed at the worst possible time. I don’t think they meant to, it was just too much for them to handle. In reality, it’s a part time job for all of them. The Governor’s position on the Board was always a courtesy type of deal. Look at the records, the Governor was never that involved in the Board before. He rarely came to Board meetings. What changed? Why all the interest from the Governor? Just some interesting questions to ask. I only speak for myself. What is going on with this group of people? I said it before, if they are looking out for the good of Penn State, I wonder what the people that are trying to harm us are dreaming up?

How does this sound? They are looking into establishing rules about board members making public statements. I call this the, “Shut up Anthony Lubrano Rule”. Go Anthony, give it to them while you can, they are trying to take away your microphone. I can’t imagine him following that rule.

Brown University has decided to keep Joe Paterno in their Hall of Fame. Smart. We, on the other hand, tore down his statue and tried to erase him from history. All, after we fired him over the phone. The board may say they don’t believe all of the Freeh report, but it sure doesn’t look that way to me. However, I am just an alumni and not a board member. What do I know?


About patlittleimages

I am a Central Pennsylvania native. I have been a professional Photojournalist for over 35 years. I work as a Photo adviser for the Daily Collegian at Penn State and I am a freelance Photojournalist, under contract with Reuters. I am, basically, a hired gun. Pay me, I'll work for you. Oh yeah, I am also an artist. I travel and sell my work everywhere East of the Mississippi. I call State College, PA home, but I live in a small town, with my wife Mindy, called Philipsburg, PA. After years behind the camera observing life, I have discovered I have something to say. This all came about when all the news broke around Penn State. I have been engulfed in all of it and I have a lot to say. This is my home and it just struck a cord that I couldn't silence.
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5 Responses to Trustees fall flat on their faces…..again

  1. Shaana says:

    These Jackwagons must think we just fell off the turnip truck. What they did to Franco Harris was, as you say, unconscionable. I’m sure they were afraid of what a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee that came from PSU and who had tight ties to JoePa might get done in 3 min – considering his record and likability. I think it’s about time the “Italian Army” steps in to right 32 wrongs.

  2. tonythelion says:

    Summed it up perfectly

  3. karlene says:

    Just a thought……I bet Brown University will welcome any good students!! They probably have a pretty good football team too!!

  4. Bob Orr says:

    Well said, Pat. Have admired your work for years (even have one of your PSU-based books).

  5. Bill says:

    Well said. Now if the BOT would read it and if they could only comprehend. My opinion is most of the BOT are trustees soley so they can say at parties, ” oh yes, I am on the Board of Trustess of Penn State University”. They are empty heads and empty hearts, they are a worthless motely lot. We as Penn Staters must get THEM OUT.

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